Welcome to the website of Mr. Berendsen lawyers in Amsterdam

We specialize in different areas of law, including rent and labour law. We deal with debt collections from all over the world efficiently and professionally.

We will be happy to help you with:

  • Debt Collection
  • Rent problems
  • Labour issues
  • Civil and Administrative Liability

All-in-fee: One clear hour rate (150-250 € Excl. VAT) with no hidden fees and pro bono.

Be aware of markups many law firms use in Holland! You will often be billed up to 7% extra for “office costs”. We believe that’s nonsense. Everything is included in our hourly fee. (But you will have to reimburse costs billed to us for you by courts, bailiffs and translators.)

We will be happy to help you with subsidized legal assistance if you qualify or to negotiate our fees if you feel it is to high in relation to your issue.