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Clear Fees

All-in fee: One simple hourly rate of € 308 excl. VAT without hidden costs.

Many firms charge office costs as a percentage of their fees of up to 7%! We think that that is nonsense. Everything is included in our fees. No office surcharge. (We do charge you for disbursements though. Those are costs we pay on your behalf to the court, bailiffs or other third parties.)

How many hours will you spend on my case?

A lot depends, of course, on how many documents and correspondence we need to read to properly assess your case and how much time it will take for you to make the right decision for you to pursue your case. A general rule of thumb, based on years of experience, is the following:

  • 5 hours for advice without the need to negotiate with an opponent;
  • 10 hours for representation to and negotiation with an adversary;
  • 20 hours for legal proceedings.

If you do not qualify for subsidised legal aid, we ask for a retainer for the expected number of hours and for court fees (if applicable). We determine the number of expected hours in accordance with the rule of thumb above.

Pro deo/Subsidized legal assistance or a discount of up to 75% of our regular rate

Do you qualify for subsidized legal assistance? Then we will apply for you that subsidy and we will work under that scheme (so “pro deo”), wherever you live in the world, as long as you have a legal issue for which Dutch courts are competent. In the schedule below you can discover what your contribution for legal aid will be. This is a one time monetary contribution payable to us once the subsidy is awarded. However, if legal proceedings are required, you may also incur court fees (up to € 100 for first instance court and up to € 350 for appeals).

Are you (just) not eligible for subsidised legal aid because the dispute is business-related (resulting from running a business) or because you had and have too much income, but is our regular fee a problem for you? With us, you may be eligible for a discount on our hourly rate.

Do you meet the following conditions?

  • You (and your tax partner) had no assets above the threshold amount (€31,340 in 2021) two years ago and this year.
  • Your taxable income in the reference year (two years ago) was lower than the amounts printed below. (By taxable income we mean income from employment or benefits, regardless of which country in the world you received that income).

Then send us the information we need:

  1. A copy proof of identity (the passport photo for this you may edit for your security) of you and your partner.
  2. An income statement for the reference year (which is the current year minus two) of you and your partner.
  3. Did you have income abroad? Then send us a completed “Income and assets form” from the Legal Aid Board. Do not forget to include the supporting documents requested in that form and provide us with the BSN of you and your partner.
  4. Provide us with your full address. If your address is not the same as the address where you are registered with the Municipality, provide both addresses and write to us why the two addresses differ.
SingleNorms 2024Married, living together or single-parent famliy
Fiscal annual income in the reference yearContribution / DiscountFiscal annual income in the reference year
until € 22.100€ 165until € 30.700
€ 22.100 – € 22.800€ 356€ 30.701 – € 31.800
€ 22.801 – € 24.200€ 534€ 31.801 – € 33.300
€ 24.201 – € 26.200€ 714€ 33.301 – € 37.200
€ 26.201 – € 31.100€ 891€ 37.201 – € 44.000
€ 31.101 – € 35.75075 % discount€ 44.001 – € 50.600
€ 35.751 – € 41.10050 % discount€ 50.601 – € 58.200
€ 44.851 – € 47.25025 % discount€ 58.201 – € 66.900
> € 47.250No discount> € 66.900

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