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Rental Law

Temporary lease and rent protection

By 12 August 2023No Comments

Initial rent for a temporary lease

Do you have a temporary rental agreement and think you are paying too much rent? You too are protected by law in that case. This is because you can ask the Rental Tribunal to determine the initial rent price based on the number of points your property is worth up to six months after the temporary lease expires. If you continue to live in the rented property after the fixed period, the rental agreement will be extended for an indefinite period by operation of law. If you leave after the fixed period, you may still have an interest in such a determination, as you may have paid too much. If the rent is fixed at a lower rate, you will have a right to be refunded the difference retroactively.

Rental Tribunal enquiry

However, you should be aware that the investigation by the Rental Tribunal may be more difficult if you no longer live in the rented property, as the landlord and the new occupant may refuse to cooperate. You should demonstrate to the Rental Tribunal that you made an effort to get the new occupant and the landlord to cooperate with the investigation in the property. You can do this with a registered letter that you send to the landlord and another one to the new occupant of the rented property once the Rental Tribunal has informed you when the investigation in the property will take place and any responses to it.

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